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At Boj̈ta, we understand that hair loss and scalp issues can be a deeply personal and sensitive journey. That’s why we are dedicated to offering non-invasive, integrative solutions tailored to your unique needs. Discover a path to recovery in the comfort of our private treatment rooms and experience the transformative power of integrative health coaching, skin resurfacing, hair removal, and sexual wellness services – all designed to harmonize your health and boost your confidence.

Trichology Treatments

We’re all about giving your hair and scalp the love they deserve with our tailored trichology treatments. Think of us as a safe haven for anyone struggling with hair loss or scalp issues. Our approach is super friendly – no needles or scary procedures here. We’re here to help you get your hair and scalp back to health.



Jennifer McCowan FWTS, IHP

As a Fellow for the World Trichology Society and former co-host of the WTS Live Show, Jennifer brings a wealth of knowledge and personal experience to her practice. Featured on the Today Show and in renowned publications, she combines her expertise with compassionate care to support, educate, and deliver tailored solutions for your hair restoration needs. Step into our private treatment rooms and embark on a journey to recovery with a trusted trichologist who truly understands your concerns.


Jennifer McCowan FWTS, IHP

Her credentials from the Italian Academy of Hair Microscopy underscore her meticulous approach to hair and scalp health. Through Boj̈ta, she channels her passion, born from personal experience with hair loss, into providing empathetic support, education, and innovative, non-invasive solutions to those facing similar challenges. Trust in Jennifer’s acclaimed expertise for a journey towards hair restoration and confidence.


Jennifer McCowan FWTS, IHP

Jennifer specializes in the science of hair and scalp health. Her passion, amplified by her personal journey with hair loss, fuels her dedication to providing supportive, educational, and cutting-edge solutions for those experiencing similar challenges. From advanced hair microscopy to integrative, non-invasive treatment approaches, Jennifer’s specialized skills offer a beacon of hope for individuals seeking hair restoration and scalp care.


Conditions We Treat

If you’re navigating through hair loss or tackling tricky scalp conditions, you’ve come to the right place. With our gentle, non-invasive techniques and the latest trichology smarts, we make sure your treatment feels comfy and effective. Looking for a little hair revival or keen to keep your locks lively? At Boj̈ta, we’re all about creating a care plan that’s just for you. Let’s work together to give your hair the love it deserves!

Skin Treatments

Our team of pros will work their magic with our skin resurfacing services, making sure you leave looking and feeling fabulous. We’re all about using the latest and greatest methods to keep your natural beauty shining bright. Whether you’re in the mood to give your skin a little boost or tackle some specific issues, Boj̈ta is your go-to spot for all things skin care. Let’s get you that radiant, youthful glow you deserve!


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